Remote Health Service Delivery (Telemedicine) Project


  • Banu Ekinci General Directorate of Public Health, Department of Chronic Diseases and Elderly Health, Ankara, Turkey


Digital platform, ncds, online education, remote healthcare, telemedicine,


With the developing technological opportunities, health services have started to be offered through digital platforms and the need to expand telemedicine and telehealth services has emerged. When the health effects of the pandemic were examined, early deaths and morbidity due to Covid-19 came to the fore in the acute period, while the effect of resource limitations on non-covid emergencies was also observed. In addition to the negative effects of the disruptions experienced in the access of individuals with chronic diseases to services, psychological traumas and economic losses have also taken their place among the problems we face as the pandemic period gets longer. With the remote health service delivery project, it is aimed to increase access to health services, increase self-management of patients, and be prepared against health threats such as Covid-19 by reducing the density of physical applications in health institutions. The project covers elderly individuals over 18 years of age with chronic diseases and those over 65 years of age. Employees and patients of Family Health Centers, Healthy Life Centers and Immigrant Health Centers in Ankara, Konya and Samsun provinces are within the scope of the project. It is aimed to develop a distance health service delivery model in primary health care services and to ensure the use of remote health care services by training the target population (individuals aged 18 and over with chronic diseases and health workers).