Ethical Principles and Publication Policy

The evaluations of original studies are published in line with scientific methods and ethical principles in the Turkey Health Literacy Journal (SOYD). Scientific ethical principles play an important role in the publication policy of our journal, and as per our publication policy, all stakeholders (author, editor, peer reviewer, publisher, reader) must comply with ethical principles. The ethical principles applied by our journal for editors, reviewers, and authors have been established by taking into account the guidelines prepared by the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE).

The editor of the Turkey Health Literacy Journal  ensures that every publication published in the journal is in accordance with ethical principles and is responsible for every published publication. In this context, they have the following responsibilities.

  • Informing the reviewers, authors, and researchers about the publication and ethical principles of the journal,
  • To follow and encourage research on peer reviewing and publishing, and to look over the processes of the journal in the light of new information,
  • Making preliminary evaluations of the articles sent to the journal for publication in terms of compliance with the publication policy of the journal, originality, contribution to the field and competence, using appropriate processes to ensure the quality of the published articles,
  • Evaluating all the studies submitted to the journal according to their field and content, not giving any privileges to any author for any reason,
  • Determining the field editors and reviewers to be assigned to the articles in line with the field of study of the relevant publication, to encourage the reviewers to evaluate them in a timely and impartial manner,
  • Meticulously conducting the double-blind evaluation process between the reviewer and the author,
  • Intervening in cases where there is a conflict of interest between the reviewer and the author,
  • Ensuring that all published research reports and reviews are examined by suitably qualified reviewers (including statistical review when necessary)
  • Ensuring that the sections of the journal that do not pass the peer review are clearly indicated,

For research articles submitted to the Turkey Health Literacy Journal (SOYD), ethics committee approval should be submitted for studies related to clinical or experimental human or animal studies. This approval should be specified in the methods section and documented in the article. Information about ethical approval (name of the ethics committee, date, and number) should be included in the methods section. An explanation about research and publication ethics should be included in the text. All texts should mention information on informed consent where appropriate.