Review (Referee) and Acceptance Process of the Article

  1. Turkish Journal of Health Literacy (JHL) is a peer-reviewed journal.
  2. All articles submitted for publication must be prepared in strict compliance with the journal writing rules.
  3. The articles submitted for publication are first reviewed by the editor(s) to see the appeal to the journal reader audience and compliance with the publication principles of the journal. If the article is found appropriate, it is submitted for evaluation by at least two blind consultants (referees). When the editor(s) deems it necessary according to the nature of the subject, he/she may send the article to the referees other than the referees on the editorial board or the advisory board. The names of the referees evaluating the articles are not notified to the authors. Referees cannot see the names of the authors either the articles are published with the positive opinion of two advisors and the decision of the Editorial Board. The article requested to be corrected is returned to the author, and after the necessary corrections, it is published if deemed appropriate by the editorial board.
  4. Editors have the authority not to publish the articles that do not comply with the publication conditions, send them back to the authors for correction or shortening, and edit the articles' format. Editors have the authority to make corrections and shortenings that do not change the article's message.
  5. The articles published or not accepted to be published are not returned, including their annexes. The authors cannot claim any rights in this regard.
  6. In the evaluation process of the manuscripts, it is aimed to comply with 14 days for the first response to the applications of the authors, 21 days for the first evaluation of the referees, 20 days for the manuscripts that require correction, and 30 days for the final publication date to be notified to the author after acceptance.