About the Journal

Turkey Health Literacy Journal aims to bring together the parties working on the fields of health protection/development and healthy life on a joint platform.  Health literacy means individuals achieving the necessary knowledge, skill and self-confidence level for changing their lifestyle and conditions towards improving self health and social health. It is also closely linked to understanding challenging health conditions and issues. Due to the healthcare services perceived sometimes as complex and confusing, many people have a hard time getting information about health and healthcare options.

Turkey Health Literacy Journal is an academic journal including the scientific studies, researches and analyses conducted towards the purpose of protecting and developing the health of individuals and improving the quality of life.

Turkey Health Literacy Journal is a scientific periodical publication that handles the topics of "Health Literacy" with an interdisciplinary approach in Turkey. Scientific projections of future point out to the need for strengthening the cooperation platforms on the field of health literacy. It is a platform appropriate for knowledge exchange at international level in the field of health literacy.

The Journal is published 3 times a year (March-April, July-August, November-December).

Current Issue

Vol. 5 No. 1 (2024): SOYD Vol. 5 ISSUE 1 -2024
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